January 16 - 18 | 2020
The International Centre | Toronto

Visibility opportunities

The promotion campaign for the 2019 Canadian Furniture Show has already started. We have thought of two ways to give more FREE visibility to our exhibitors before and during the Show!

1. Before the Show: New product

We are looking to promote the Show to potential and recurring visitors. With your help, we can give them a taste of what they will get to discover from Friday, May 24 to Sunday, May 26, 2019. What better way to accomplish this than by giving them a teaser of our exhibitor’s new products, right? Our social media campaign will focus on your most recent products, so send us what you want us to highlight!

As soon as possible: Send us one high resolution (300 dpi) picture of your product and its name to dleducbelanger@afmq.com. If the file is too large to send by email, you can use WeTransfer, it’s free and easy.



2. During the Show: Trend Showcase

After last year’s success, we will once again be showcasing hot furniture trends in a designated area on the Show floor. Product selection and space design will be made by Linda Mazur. You can submit as many products as you want. Here are a few examples of what the designer will be looking for:


• Curvy designs in furniture
• Blush tones as neutral colours
• Bold high contrasting patterns (floral, geometric)
• Textures (velvet fabric, macramé accent pieces, natural materials)
• Lighter wood tones
• Multi-functional furniture
• Bold hues (jewel tones)
• Recycled and upcycled pieces

The deadline to send your submissions was Friday, March 22. Thanks to everybody who participated! We will send the confirmations of selection during the week of April 15th. 

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