May 24 - 26 | 2019
The International Centre | Toronto

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Booth Awards

The Canadian Furniture Show Booth Awards are back in 2018 with a new twist! The awards aim at rewarding exhibitors who created a truly great booth!


A jury of esteemed industry professionals will evaluate and honour outstanding booths on Friday, May 25. The winners will be announced the next morning, on May 26. Please find below the names of the judges:


Rosamund Kavander

Designer and Colour Marketing Specialist


Vicky Sanderson

Journalist and freelance contributor for the Toronto Star, Home & Condos and Reno & Decor magazine.


Martin Slofstra

Editor for New Homes and Condos at the Toronto Sun

Melissa Tossell

Interior Designer specialized in Residential


The 2018 winners are:


Best Booth

Best overall booth in 2018, a Show stopper! A booth that everyone is talking about!


Aicep Portugal Global - Booth 2461

A few words from the judges...

• Great use of colour and space

• Products were on trend and well displayed, with great use of layering and accessories
• Very unified visually



Best Visual Display

A visual display at the front of the booth or a central display highlighting new products or best-selling products.


O-Palier - Booth 1727

A few words from the judges...

• The booth was well displayed from all sides
• Products were elevated at various levels
• Products (chairs) were done in one colour, which emphasized product options (easily identify different styles of chairs)



Best Use of Colour

Use of colour to attract attention or to create major impact: colour blocking, graphics, staff clothing or other that liven up the booth.


Duke Trade and Investment Inc. - Booths 3321 & 3620

A few words from the judges...

• Great display of colour, without being overwhelming
• Product was merchandised by colour very effectively



Best Use of Space

Booth that incorporates elements such as guest seating, refreshments zone, meeting tables, charging stations that don’t impede on traffic flow or product display, and has visual appeal.


Sun Shine Rug Inc - Booth 2411

A few words from the judges...

• Innovative use of product in their category – rolled rugs were used creatively to divide the space
• Displays efficiently showcased rugs in vertical format without taking up too much space and making the area look cluttered. This allowed for the display of larger rugs on the floor and a generous seating area
• This curated experience encouraged you to stay longer and enjoy the rugs


Best New Exhibitor - it's a tie!

First time exhibitor that goes above and beyond other first timers to create an impactful, well-displayed and well-branded space.


Marie Dooley Home - Booth 3514

A few words from the judges...

• Simple and elegant use of displays and product in a small space
• Specifically, the use of the storage boxes to create a simple yet cost-effective display




CUTIS - Canada Ukraine Trade and Investment Support Project - Booths 2245 & 3507


A few words from the judges...

• Well laid out plan using the concept of an apartment
• Products were well displayed
• Great use of areas to gather and meet



Best Design

A trendy, design-oriented booth.


Style in Form - Booth 2647

A few words from the judges...

• On trend with colour, textures, shapes, patterns
• Booth was well layered
• Great use of colour
• They did everything well



Best Traffic Builder

An activity inside the booth used to drive traffic: contest, game, celebrity, performer, artist, virtual-reality experience, giveaway, educational component, etc.


Xtraroom - Booth 1420

A few words from the judges...

•On-point use of visuals to pull attendees in and easily explain the concept of their product

• Audio/Visual displays in each of the three vignettes were customized to the specific product within the space
• Clean and simple, allowing the products to stand out
• Excellent choice using hard wall making, you feel like you are in the actual rooms



Best TIDC Showroom - it's a tie!

A MUST visit permanent showroom in the SOFA section.


Guild Design Gallery - Showroom 109

A few words from the judges...

• Great use of colour in vignettes
• Visually exciting
• Fun, colourful and inspiring



Minster Interiors - Showroom 115

A few words from the judges...

• Elegantly organized
• Sophisticated products and materials were displayed in a simplified setting creating inspiration
• This showroom was impeccably kept, allowing the product to take centre stage



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