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Booth Awards


The Canadian Furniture Show Booth Awards are back in 2019! The awards aim at rewarding exhibitors who created a truly great booth!


The 2019 winners are:


Best Booth

Best overall booth in 2019, a Show stopper! A booth that everyone is talking about!


Style in Form - Booth 1727

- Good use of textures in the display – wood walls and floors
- Easy to navigate layout
- Visible from all sides
- Use of full space, both on the floor and vertical
- Good use of layering
- Well-coordinated
- All the elements of design well incorporated
- Well-appointed vignettes



Best Visual Display

A visual display at the front of the booth or a central display highlighting new

products or best-selling products.


Dutailier - Booth 1266

- Well designed floor signage
- Solid black hard wall instead of pipe and drape
- Excellent placement of chairs, all facing forward – made it very welcoming
- Photos on wall told a story
- Accessories on wall created impact, but did not take away from the products
- Overall, a welcoming space



Best Use of Colour - IT'S A TIE!

Use of colour to attract attention or to create major impact: colour blocking,

graphics, staff clothing or other that liven up the booth.


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia - Booth 2223

- Excellent colour blocking with product
- Bright – well-lit
- Mixing of naturals with colour
- Very engaging, the space draws you in 




Mlily Canada Inc. - Booth 1050

- Excellent use of colour – white/black/green/red
- Bright space
- Impactful back wall using graphic that draws the eye 
- Use of similar graphic on the TV screen at front of booth
- Good signage above using coordinating colours
- Overall well-coordinated colours
- Clean and fresh
- Colour draws you into the space 



Best Use of Space

Booth that incorporates elements such as guest seating, refreshments zone,

meeting tables, charging stations that don’t impede on traffic flow or product display,

and has visual appeal.


Amisco Industries Ltd - Booth 1036

- Very easy to navigate
- Traffic flow was not congested due to layout
- Several spaces for the reps to meet clients
- Beautiful product display
- Visually appealing
- Easy to find product and people to speak with
- Signage at front


Best New Exhibitor 

First time exhibitor that goes above and beyond other first timers to create an

impactful, well-displayed and well-branded space.


Almila Mobilya - Booth 1510

- Excellent signage at front
- It is clear who their products are for – teens, kids, etc.
- Excellent branding
- Good displays
- Vignettes well done
- Use of hard wall
- Use of audiovisual draws attention
- Friendly staff, approachable and easy to identify



Best Design

A trendy, design-oriented booth.


Gest'Art - Booth 1302

- Nice ambiance
- Eye-catching display using height well
- Use of audiovisual
- Nice job building out the space, which is visible all around
- Good use of natural elements / candles
- Merchandise well-coordinated
- Overall nice look – very trendy



Best Traffic Builder

An activity inside the booth used to drive traffic: contest, game, celebrity, performer,

artist, virtual-reality experience, giveaway, educational component, etc.


Mega Groupe Inc. - Booth 1002

- Lots of energy
- Very social atmosphere
- Food and other amenities
- Charity donation for food (nice touch)
- Excellent – people friendly business card display – identifies by photo who the members of their team are
- Sales working stations for private discussions
- Modern, fresh look
- Great use of colour – black gloss, red, white, with lights
- Amazing display above using the “M”
- Great use of light
- The whole atmosphere draws you in – a very social gathering space
- Great job overall!



Best TIDC Showroom

A MUST visit permanent showroom at TIDC.


Marcantonio Designs - Showroom 201

- Welcoming lobby with home setting
- Elegant
- Well laid out, easy to move through
- Chairs on wall display easy to see
- New added work stations
- Use of monochromatic colour with glitz added an original look
- Furniture was grouped based on styling and beautifully accessorized
- Simple
- Excellent lighting
- Friendly


The 2019 Booth Awards judges

A jury of four esteemed industry professionals evaluated and honour outstanding booths on Friday, May 24. 


Maureen Weigen-Liebovitz
Maureen Weigen-Liebovitz started her career as a Fashion Buyer for some of Canada’s leading retailers. Her lifelong passion for decorating, colour and textiles has kept her in creative fields for over to 30 years. Maureen is currently the President of the DDA Toronto Chapter. She created Decorating Vision (based in Toronto) in order to help her clients achieve their own decorating vision. She is educated in both areas of decorating and staging.




Lindsey Foster von Kalben
With 15 years of design experience working with clients with diverse visions and budgets, Lindsey is the principal of FVK Design and is focused on creating beautiful and functional spaces for her clients. Lindsey has a passion for mindful consumption and a desire to simplify people’s lives. She is currently on the Board of the Decorating and Design Association of Canada - Toronto Chapter.



Sharon MacIntosh
After several years in the corporate sector, Sharon decided to embark on a new venture in 2004 and open her own decorating company along with two partners. Sharon is the principal of her firm and is an accredited decorator and stager working with real estate agents and homeowners in the Toronto market.




Lauren Kosowan
Lauren has had a passion for design and fashion since she could remember. Having studied fashion, interior decorating and having first hand construction experience, she enjoys using her expertise and knowledge in all these areas to create her clients’ dream homes. Her style is one of timelessness, personality and function. Lauren is on the Board of the Decorators and Design Association - Toronto Chapter.

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